Smart and fast way to search your emails

Contextify is a tool that enables you to instantly identify emails, attachments or contact information that you are searching for. It can be used as a standalone application or as an Microsoft Outlook add-on.

Contextify is available for free for personal use and is limited to a single email account. If you wish to use it on multiple email accounts, for e-discovery or any other purpose contact us for more information.

* works with Outlook 2007-2013, 32 bit only.

Screenshots of the app

Email indexing

Contextify can index the content of all your emails and available meta data.

Blazingly fast

Instantly find the desired information among the thousands of emails using advanced search options.


Gain new understanding by looking at different visualizations of search results, such as social network, timeline visualization or tag cloud.


Connect with your social accounts to integrate available information about your contacts.

Many search options for quickly finding what you need

You can use one or more search criteria to find the emails and attachments that you need. You can search by person name, keyword, time period of interest or item type (email or attachment). When searching for attachments, you can filter by file size, general file type (documents, presentations, images, ...) or specifically by file extension. You can even create groups of contacts and use them when performing the search. Additionally, custom tags can be created for tagging individual emails and attachments and then used in the search.

See the social network of your search results

When presented with hundreds of search results, you can use different visualizations to aggregate and summarize the results. One such visualization is the social network showing who is sending emails to whom. Numbers on the edges indicate the number of emails sent to the particular person.

Another visualization is the timeline bar chart which groups emails based on the date when they were sent.

Outlook sidebar functionality

Sidebar in Outlook is narrow and unobtrusive. The content that it offers is organized into tabs and they remain hidden until you click one of the sidebar buttons.

Content of the tabs is automatically populated with the contextual information related to the sender of the email that is currently selected in Outlook.

Other emails from the person

The email tab always displays recent emails in which the selected person is also participating. The list can contain individual emails or whole discussions (like Gmail).

Emails are not only listed in the sidebar, but can also be opened or replied to. Complex threads can be visualized and better undestood by clicking the badge to the right, which indicates the number of emails in the thread.

List of email attachments

Finding attachments in one of hundreds of emails can be slow and tiresome. The attachments tab will list attachments found in the emails from the selected person. The attachments can be organized into groups based on their type (for example documents, PDFs, images, etc.).

Other contacts

The social tab displays people who are also recipients of the emails from the selected person. This allows one to quickly identify other people in the person's social network.

Contact management

Contextify offers an advanced contact management options. Email addresses belonging to the same person are automatically identified and represented by a single identity. People can be assigned into groups and can then be used when searching for emails.

By connecting with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account you can enrich your contact information with their photos, phone numbers and addresses.

Use of Contextify for eDiscovery

Contextify can be applied in the eDiscovery process in which several email accouns have to be imported and processed in order to identify a set of relevant emails and documents.

In this setting, Contextify can be run as a standalone application without using Outlook. Contextify indexes and stores the data in an application called Contextify Server. The application for searching, tagging and organizing imported data is called Contextify Explorer and can be run from the same or a different machine that is running Contextify Server. There can even be multiple instances of Contextify Explorer running and accessing the same data at the same time. This makes Contextify a perfect application when you have a whole team of people working on the same project.

The eDiscovery version of Contextify is not available for free. More information about our offers can be sent to you upon your inquiry.

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